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About Me

Hello. I'm known on the internet as RanAwaySuccessfully, RanAS or just Ran. If you're here, it's probably because you either want to know more about me or what I do...maybe.

I have done minor things to The Cutting Room Floor, a wiki that covers unused content in games, which means you can expect some interesting things regarding that on my YouTube channel, but I can only dig the really easy superficial things in these games compared to most of the community. Other things you can expect in the channel are random things I find funny, videogame soundtracks that haven't been uploaded to YouTube yet, and other miscellaneous gaming videos.

I have been doing some work on web projects as well. Some have been published already, some are still a work-in-progress while others are still just concepts, waiting for the day they'll be able to see the sunlight.

Other interests include: video-games, mostly the retro and indie ones; trains and transportation systems in general; technology and stuff. I don't usually hang out at very popular places, and instead prefer to go wherever feels nice.

Contact Info

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of contact options currently, sorry for that.

E-mail address: Soon™
Twitter: @tcrf_RanAS